How Digital Marketing Mayo Came About

During a business meeting back in February 2015 between Jenny Brennan (Virtual Office Worx) and Sophia Mc Hugh (, they discussed different events they have attended around the country (and even the USA!!) and recognised the need for events closer to home in Co. Mayo. So from this, they decided to work together and see if they could find a way to make it happen. John Horkan (Director of eCommerce at Horkan’s Group) was an ideal candidate who joined the founding committee shortly after and then followed by Aine McManaman (Lifestyle Blogger – Social Onya).

All four co-founders had enjoyed and learnt valuable and insightful information from all the digital marketing and social media events they had attended. However, while all this was positive, they were aware that there was a down side. Attending these events was time consuming and not all business owners could afford to take time to travel distances for them. As it is, there are barely enough hours in the day to run a successful business, so this was one obstacle they wanted to help overcome.

The co-founders were also very aware of the excellent resources available in Mayo and businesses who have been going from strength to strength online. They wanted to try tap into these resources and work together to develop a business network that would benefit everybody. So with the help of people who work in the Digital Marketing environment, they started to develop a plan to bring everyone together.

The aim was to hold regular events with keynote speakers and also have a local business showcase how far they have come since going digital. It will also be a great way to network with other businesses who all have an interest in Digital Marketing.